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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Dr. Johnny Ryan, OWJO speaks at The Great Escape Startup’s Forum

Dr. Johnny Ryan author of “A History of the Internet and the Digital Future” and Chief Evangelist at OWJO talks today at The Great Escape Startup’s Forum in Brighton, UK. Johnny will tell delegates at this premier music festival event about how OWJO is revolutionising the way musicians and fans engage with each other.

Driving next generation commerce on the web, OWJO is a portable online store that can be set up anywhere online. Johnny will be showcasing the OWJO stores’ ability to exist anywhere online – on your Facebook news feed, your blog, your website, your friend’s websites or even within video players such as Brightcove. 

Johnny will demo how OWJO can process payments from all major credit and debit cards, from within the OWJO store – without click-offs and without the musician needing a merchant account. In other words, if you see an OWJO store in your Facebook news feed and like the music, you can purchase the music and receive your MP3 – all there and then. For the musician no IT knowledge or investment is required – just a small 7% commission is payable on sales.   

Johnny will showcase how the OWJO store can be shared by your fans and friends across a myriad of platforms – true social commerce. Johnny is also announcing OWJO deals with Sony, EMI and International Sports Management who with OWJO are jointly launching The Andrew Flintoff Foundation official Facebook store. 

Finally Johnny will join Danny Mac, Music Mind Exchange; Doug Richard, Serial Entrepreneur & Dragons Den Dragon; Scott Cohen, Co-Founder, The Orchard and Steve Milbourne, Creative Director, Sony Music for an audience forum and Q  & A.

About Dr. Johnny Ryan

Dr Johnny Ryan is a digital thought leader and author. He has written two books on digital issues, the most recent of which is ‘A history of the Internet and the digital future’ (2010), and is the author of digital thought leadership articles for Fortune, BusinessWeek, India’s Business & Economics, NATO Review, ArsTechnica, among others. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and was O’Reilly Foundation Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, between 2008-10. He has spoken on digital issues at the UN, OSCE, European Commission, various government and industry fora.

About OWJO

Founded by David Johnston in 2006, OWJO has created a technology platform that represents the next generation of commerce online. OWJO enables commercial activity where people naturally gather and interact online, for example in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogs and so on. OWJO is a portable online store that can be set up anywhere online.  OWJO can be added to any part of a seller’s website, blog, social media page or any other digital property, all managed from one centralised intuitive yet feature rich user interface. With OWJO “buy now” actually means “buy now”. Visit for more information.


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