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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Power-up your social media commerce opportunities

Who can populate your stores across all social media platforms and allow you to make sales there and then without click-offs? Who can allow your fans to share your products with their contacts? Who offers the best social commerce opportunities available today? The answer is OWJO.

OWJO make it so easy to be enthusiastic about their product with the constant release of market leading new features and functionality. The latest sharing releases once again leave the other players far behind and make it easier and easier to make sales in the social media marketplace.

The latest OWJO release contains a complete overhaul of the OWJO sharing capabilities. Sharing a store and items in the store is now available from within the OWJO widget itself and expands social commerce opportunities way beyond the boundaries of Facebook. OWJO is best of breed and its users are some of the few businesses actually tapping into the selling power of social media. This is what your OWJO will look like in StumbleUpon:

Are there many people now using the great new viral features that OWJO offers? Are they getting the OWJO mojo? Yes – for sure – businesses and individuals are seeing more and more returns from using OWJO to market their product. Reviews are hugely positive and really focus on what OWJO does to increase business rather than just offering another technology tool. Your OWJO looks like this in LinkedIn:

OWJO is a superb technical solution – fact – but its real strength lies in its business focus and taking advantage of all the possible avenues available to help OWJOers promote their products, leverage the power of social sharing and convert sales instantly – whether in the Facebook news feed, Twitter timeline, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn updates stream or a myriad of other platforms. Now honestly – who else is doing this? This is your OWJO in Digg:

What this means is that your OWJO store is truly ubiquitous and your fans / followers can cascade it across all the most popular social media platforms without you lifting a finger. Now thats social commerce.


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