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10 social media strategy tips


#1. If people take the time to mention, retweet or share your posts/products then take some time to say thank you. If you make the user feel valued then they may be more likely to do it again in the future. If you don’t then don’t expect them to do much for you in the future.

#2. Don’t be pushy with your followers. People do not like being told what to do at the best of times. Don’t push them into un-following you – because they will.

#3. Many people use their accounts to try and sell something. If you just bombard users with your latest products or product updates then you are providing little value to your followers. Take some time to find out what your followers are interested in and provide them with value, your aim should be to build trust with your potential customers, when they are ready they will be back to buy from you.

#4. This is the quickest way to develop a negative reputation online and is a sure fire way of getting banned from the majority of Social Media sites. Don’t send out Direct Messages and automated messages in large numbers, you will find that most people ignore these messages and many will unfollow you, never to return. Users are also able to report people that they believe are spamming them so you also run the risk of being kicked off the network.

#5. As with any form of marketing there is not a single approach that will work for all users. We all work in different niches and what works for one, does not necessarily work for all. Take some time to test different approaches and don’t stick to a strategy that you picked up from someone else. Always take some time to work out the strategy that works best for you.

#6. Social media is powerful, but it isn’t a stand-alone substitute for a marketing strategy. Effective marketing strategies can and should incorporate social media elements. However, simply launching a StumbleUpon account or Facebook Page isn’t going to cut it.

#7. Creating a Twitter account and expecting a few tweets to have followers flocking to you is unrealistic and highly improbable. Social media is a marathon, not a sprint and it takes time to cultivate a presence and following. Be patient with social media and you’ll be rewarded.

#8. Just because you believe that your business, product or service may be heads above the rest, doesn’t mean that others will. Social media is a jungle and it takes an expert guide to navigate the landscape. But even the most seasoned social media consultants can’t generate an interest if the masses don’t care.

#9. When a business becomes involved with social media, each employee becomes that company’s social media ambassador. It’s up to everyone to promote the brand, not just the social media consultant.

#10. How much of it do you have? Do you have plans to continuously develop a flow of content with the variety of contexts you need to meet expectations in different social media venues? Is your company stance to gate content or make it freely available? Is all this content focused on your prospects’ perspectives? Is it helpful? Do your prospects engage well with the content you already share with them? In other words, will they be receptive to more of it? If not, fix that first.

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