Sell anywhere – Sell now!

Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Make sales right there in the Facebook news feed – no clickoffs

Check out what OWJO have just released. Anyone can now make sales directly in the Facebook News Feed – no clickoffs. What does this mean? – simply put – anyone can sell to anyone else right there in the FB News Feed – payments included.

OWJO enables commercial activity where people naturally gather and interact online, for example in Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, YouTube etc. OWJO is a portable online store that can be set up anywhere online. OWJO can be added to any part of a seller’s website, blog, social media page or any other digital property, all managed from one centralised and feature rich user interface.

An OWJO store can exist in multiple locations and can exist in several places simultaneously. This means that multiple stores can be selling for the user at different points all over the internet at the same time at no extra cost. One of the key features of the OWJO store is that potential buyers will not leave the sellers site or page to buy the product (digital or physical) but can purchase instantly on the seller’s OWJO store. There is no leaving or “clicking off” for another e-commerce destination site. 

Visit for details on how to sign up for this free service – all you pay is 7% of the sale price when a purchase is made.Extensive FAQs answer address a host of questions that a prospective seller might have. The store in the Facebook news feed looks like this: 





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