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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Social Media Sports Marketing

Social media provides a scalable medium to allow athletes to be more accessible which in turn increases the affinity for the athlete. Creating a relatable image whereby athletes are considered regular people off the field pays significant dividends. Some athletes are ahead of the curve but they are barely skimming the surface of what can be done as regards engagement and interaction using social media. Deliberately building an athlete’s brand is good for everyone involved. Fans receive the interaction and engagement they want and love, the athlete recoups their investment by selling more merchandise. The athlete makes more money and increases the probability of more lucrative sponsorship based on a strong social media reach. It boils down to a simple equation:

Marketable Athlete + Social Media  = Increased athlete affinity, increased sales, increased engagement and increased revenue.

OWJO helps increase fan engagement in a lasting way by fulfilling the online engagement with specialised merchandising. OWJO creates opportunities for additional revenue sources for the athlete or sports personality and helps the athlete connect more directly with the fans, taking advantage of rapid changes in popularity based on real world events such as tournament or game wins.

Home sites do not fulfil this engagement dynamic with fans and destination sites (portals) have shopping as an afterthought. On all social media sports pages – even if they do cater for this exchange – fans click away to complete the transaction, potentially losing the engagement.

OWJO allows the athlete to connect with fans on all web touch points while taking advantage of event based peaks in interest such as tournament performance and wins, news events and so on by using the lightning fast OWJO product configurator to deliver bespoke product based on these events. Versatility is key in Sports Marketing and OWJO delivers versatility on all counts.

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