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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Next Generation Commerce is here – at last!

Next Generation Commerce is often talked about but rarely the promises are actually delivered on. That is until now. OWJO offers a fundamentally new way of increasing a retailer’s presence and fostering ubiquity all from a central interface that can populate multiple instances of the OWJO storefront across any number of digital properties and facilitate access using any number of devices.

As a result of the centralised and hosted interface previous barriers to entry such as hardware, software, hosting and maintenance costs as well as the need to have merchant accounts and other facilities are removed. They are present out of the box with the OWJO solution. In addition, due to the single point of control, consumer behaviour is measurable and monitored across all properties without the need for costly integration with these third party websites.

The consumer is capable of being tracked across all digital properties and new product offerings created and offered in real time based on their behaviour. This is true three hundred and sixty degree business intelligence. This represents the “holy grail” of ecommerce functionality which has been the quest of the digital channel since its inception.

OWJO offers this capability to any retailer regardless of size because of the revenue model whereby OWJO only charge a percentage on completed transactions. Now that social media has empowered the individual to connect directly with their customers OWJO represents a killer app and a fundamental shift in the direction, focus and strategy of ecommerce.

With OWJO a widget exists at all the touch points Retailers Home Website; Third Party Sites; Portals; Social Media Outlets; even Blogs and can be customised for each if required. A new footprint can be added simply and in real time. The buying decision is never deferred and there are no click-offs required to complete the transaction.

The process is owned end to end on the digital property on which it is initiated and the consumer, using the email address with which they registered against their first purchase with OWJO, is trackable by the retailer regardless of where the purchase is initiated.

OWJO can be embedded within tweets; on Facebook or MySpace tabs; in the advertising section of YouTube; within blogs posts on WordPress; on websites with a simple update of HTML; anywhere. OWJO facilitates commerce everywhere and anywhere for no increased cost on any variable.


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