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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

The History of OWJO

OWJO is a full service ecommerce platform. The technology is full featured and patent pending and allows users to upload and publish, distribute and promote, protect and share, rate and recommend, and monetise digital and physical content, in any format, across any web property. OWJO takes a percentage of revenue on all processed transactions. The technology on which OWJO is based has been developed over the last five years (2005 – 2010) and is now a fully functioning platform. The OWJO intellectual property has been defined and developed into an elegant state of the art ecommerce engine that is poised to take advantage of the imminent tipping point of the convergence of social commerce and traditional ecommerce. OWJO differs from others solutions, in that OWJO offers all users, an end-to-end solution covering all aspects of ecommerce – content management, publishing, rights management, licensing, transaction processing, payments, pre-orders, physical product support and services bundling. OWJO is a fully self contained ecommerce solution whose main features are:

  • Content management, publishing, rights engine, licensing

  • Personalisation, fan stores
  • Physical and digital product support, all media formats, premium offers, bundled orders

  • Transaction processing, monetisation, order processing, billing, order fulfilment

  • Micro-commerce, debits/credits, multi-currency support

  • Enterprise-level deployment, Amazon EC2/S3/CloudFront, high availability, scalability

The OWJO ambition is to become known as the easiest way for retailers – whether they be an individual, company or organisation – to sell across any number of digital properties (websites, social media sites, integrated platforms) using any device (computer, smart phone, TV) and in the process prove to represent the most value for money and profitable way of buying, selling, promoting and protecting all forms of digital and physical merchandise. OWJO offers retailers game changing advantages, significantly improves Return on Investment and increases the opportunities for commerce. The distributed storefront can be used web-wide in its widget form, and leverages the host website, blogs or social network page to enable commerce to be transacted. Using the storefront allows large and small professional content providers and merchandisers as well as individual users the same opportunity to leverage their commerce opportunities.

OWJO allows the garage band the same distribution possibilities that a major label enjoys – without the investment in software and infrastructure. It levels the playing field – it disrupts the traditional supply chain and opens up the commerce arena to all aspiring participants. With the advent of social media outlets and the phenomenal participation levels, the ordinary user now has the captive audience to which to promote their merchandise and turn the LIKE button into revenue generating commerce transactions. When coupled with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; OWJO represents a revolutionary development in ecommerce availability, functionality and opportunity.


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