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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

The OWJO inspired revolution in Music, Sport & Fashion

The social commerce market will grow through the emergence of new ecommerce platforms, such as OWJO. Platforms that provide a new retail channel for existing players and an option for new entrants – who are numerous and presently have no validated ecommerce strategy: think band, think sports star, think designer – who are all trying to figure out how to monetise their fan base.

OWJO increases the opportunity to monetise the engagement between potential purchasers and sellers by offering the ability to transact commerce anywhere on any platform using the OWJO store. OWJO increases the ability of sellers to tap into additional revenues by allowing rapid deployment of new products based on consumer behaviour and rapidly changing real world events.

OWJO achieves convergence by enabling ecommerce on social media while also allowing integrated ecommerce across all other channels. OWJO plays to the status quo for companies that want to extend their ecommerce reach to social media which is not supported adequately by their existing ecommerce solution; while for new entrants OWJO is the disruptive technology that allows the band, sports star and designer link directly with their fan base and change the LIKE button into a tangible ROI by facilitating on the hoof ecommerce and a myriad of new product possibilities not facilitated by the traditional distribution models within these industries, namely Music, Sport and Fashion.

OWJO is the first truly capable offering that brings together the often incompatible domains of online (digital and virtual) and offline (traditional and physical) commerce. OWJO facilitates the evolution of ecommerce in line with emerging trends while also integrating and leveraging existing sales channels in one unified platform. The OWJO value proposition is that it solves the problem of creating a unified, integrated and cost effective sales channel strategy for every individual, company or organisation involved in commerce. OWJO allows the monetisation of content and broadens the relationships created through a digital presence.

OWJO is a product that advances how people use the Internet. It is a fully functioning commerce platform that lives wherever the seller chooses to sell. Sellers can place their OWJO store anywhere in multiple instances – on social network profiles, on blogs, on friend’s sites, on fan pages and their own web sites. Regardless of location and number of instances, OWJO then allows the seller to manage their customers, process transactions, leverage three hundred and sixty degree marketing business intelligence and update their product catalogue – all centrally and without the usual high capital investment in software, hardware and administration.

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2 responses to “The OWJO inspired revolution in Music, Sport & Fashion

  1. David Le Brocquy March 9, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Very interesting! As far as I get it, OWJO is a rapid deployment ecommerce platform easily added to our website. Questions in my mind are stock management, order fulfilment, accounting, etc.


  2. grahampenrose March 9, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Hi David,

    OWJO facilitates the maintenance of inventory in an uncluttered, easy to use interface. Products can be priced differently for each currency allowing sellers to price items differently for different territories across an unlimited number of items. In addition to supporting an unlimited number of items, OWJO supports unlimited Product Types or categories. Multiple images can be associated with each item to augment the browsing experience for the customer. Stock levels and support for Stock Keeping Units (SKU) is delivered through the interface facilitating automated stock control with options to disable purchases when stock levels are depleted.

    Digital fulfilment is completely automated with built in support for partial order fulfilment. Sellers can control all aspects of fulfilment within the OWJO interface or choose to integrate with any third party fulfilment process that the seller chooses to use. With OWJO’s Chart-Track and Soundscan reporting capabilities music sellers can implement the fulfilment process of choice. OWJO keeps track of all items waiting to be shipped and the seller can see at glance any items that need to be shipped. A complete audit trail is also maintained for shipped items to support after sales customer service queries. Physical fulfilment can be in-house or outsourced. Sellers can package and ship their own orders or OWJO can facilitate all shipment needs.

    OWJO provides a comprehensive accounting system with support for real-time revenue splitting if the platform where an OWJO store is published requires it. Support is also implemented for cleared and un-cleared funds in multiple currencies and payouts in multiple currencies are used to eliminate currency holding risk.

    All the best,

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