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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Social Commerce Strategy for 2011

Posted by philip macartney at OWJO

Social Commerce is the marketing buzz term for 2011. Even Mr Zuckerberg said, “If I had to guess, social commerce is the next big area to really blow up.” and he knows a thing or two about these matters. Social Commerce is the long awaited solution to bringing commercial transaction to the phenomenon of social networking. It is not merely putting a store on Facebook but rather harnessing all of the data and viralability available on the likes of this platform and using them to create a powerful and potent e-commerce solution.

Irish e-commerce firm OWJO has just launched its first phase in conquering this new world of social commerce. An OWJO is an e-commerce store that the vendor can place anywhere on the web. This means that any one brand can have numerous front faces for their e-commerce, whether it be on their website, their blog, their Facebook Page or on an affiliate site. Since its launch in October 2010, OWJO has been catching on fast with sports and music brands leading the way in utilising the simple and free technology to sell their goods online.

Now, the store has the ability to tap in to the social graph on Facebook and be shareable. That means that anyone who likes the store or a product within the store can share it with all fo their friends in an instant. What appears in the newsfeed is not a link to the store, but the actual store itself meaning that you can buy the product right off the page without linking to or jumping off to anywhere else. This viral affect has proven its potency with the success of video contents viral affect using Facebook. The Rubberbandits were one of the best examples of this from last year with their phenomenon “Horse Outside” and it is no surprise that they are using the new OWJO sharing feature to promote their new single “I Wanna Fight Your Father”.

CEO David Johnston said, “We are very excited by this new phase in OWJO’s development. The share feature will really help get our customers product out there and the fact that you can buy at the moment and point of highest advocacy and engagement means that we have a very powerful commercial tool here. Interestingly, our technology also helps drive search and hence your product is automatically pushed up the natural search rankings on Facebook at the same time. This is the first step on an exciting road, we will be launching solutions for other platforms such as Twitter over the coming months and we will begin launching additional features such as comments and suggestions this year as well. The era of social commerce is here and we are very proud to be leading the way.”

OWJO believe that the investment they have put into this strategy will result in huge increases in sales for their customers.“We are working with all of our customers to discover the best way to work on this new ground. We have to listen to the consumer and give them what they want, that is the only way to start a social commerce strategy.”OWJO stores are up and sharing now. They are coming to your Newsfeed…..soon.


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