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Reorder, generate samples and edit tracks of a digital album

A number of our music customers have asked us to implement the following.

  1. Generate a sample track based on start and end times
  2. Specify the ISRC code for use with ChartTrack
  3. Indicate that a track can be bought separately and to modify the price.
  4. Reorder the track listing

We were able to get all these into the latest release. To edit a track click on the edit track link (see image) and the edit track popup will be displayed. You can also reorder the tracks by grabbing the “reorder grabber”.

In the edit track page you can play the uploaded track , change the track title, ISRC code and track price. Drag the sliders to specify the start and end times of the sample and click the generate sample button. After the sample has been generated you can click the play button to make sure the generated sample is what you want. Then click the save track button to update.

As always, please contact our dedicated customer support team on for additional help.


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