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Social commerce and the OWJO revolution

Share inventory items direct to the FB news feed

With the new OWJO inventory feature “Share This”, the seller can choose any product from within their store and share it directly to their own network on the Facebook news feed and to a host of other platforms including Twitter, Google Buzz, Blogger, MySpace and even send your link as a text or an email. The Share This option can be found on the inventory screen as follows:

The options for sharing and the platforms available to share to are demonstrated in the following screen shot. As you can see – users are spoiled for choice.

The share then shows up as follows on a Facebook Page. The Product Details page is then shown if anyone navigates to the product.

This generated Product Details page can be shared again to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. all services supported by . Liking the Product Details page generates a Facebook Page that is owned by the seller.  The page will be similar to all other Facebook Pages. It will have Facebook insights; sellers can post on the wall which will be seen by all who have liked the page. An OWJO store can also be placed on it.

The Share This option is a sure way to generate a viral effect for your products. Remember – you are sharing products from within your store – not sharing the store itself. In effect you can promote specials on a product from within your product inventory without having to have the potential buyer navigate through the store to find the special.

With this approach the seller is drawing out the special from the inventory and posting it directly to where the buyer can take action immediately or as a result of a referral or recommendation from a trusted source (always a powerful way to encourage buying) and purchase the special without ever having visited the store to research the options. The first time they see the store is when they decide to make payment. Now that is powerful.

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